You are welcome to ask me the questions or get more info by contact me.
All prices includes shipments. None of the items are framed.
Shipment inside Israel are discounted, Please contact me.

If you wish to order please include the following:
1. The No' and description of the chosen item.

2. Payment with PERSONAL CHECK to "Natali Lipin".

3. Payment should delivered by registered-mail to the following address:

   P.O.B   729
   Kiryat Ono   55106

All items will be delivered immediately AFTER payment appears in the Natali's bank account.
Shipment takes approximately 3-14 days.

Possible to return the BOOKS:
In Israel after 14 days from the deal minus 10$ - the shipment.
Outside of Israel after 21 days from the deal minus 15$ - the shipment.


The Books:

1. "Jaffa - Bride of the Sea" the price is: 30$.

2. "Yom pilei ufirei bamamlehet Amazoniya" the price is: 25$.
    This book is in Hebrew and I sell it only in Israel

1. Small size (around 49/32 cm minus 1 cm for the frame) is printed on good PAPER. The price is 60$.
2. Large size (around 130/90 cm minus 5 cm for the frame) is printed on expensive CANVAS. The price is 350$.

1. Very small size (around 10/16 cm minus remnant for frame) is 15$.
2. POST CARD from picture N' 1 only (v-Jaffa book1) + inscribe: "A Happy new year" is 10$.
3. Middle size (around 15/24 cm minus remnant for frame) is 20$.

ORIGINAL on parchment + Stam writer + Gouache colors:
1. Small size (around 50/35 cm) is 2300$.
2. Large size (around 70/50 cm) is 3500$.
POSTERS (small size) like in the up description.

ORIGINAL on paper with Gouache colors:
Small size (around 50/35 cm) is 500$.
POSTERS (small size) like in the up description.

The FAIRY ILLUSTRATIONS - ORIGINAL on paper or canvas in Gouache or Acrylic:
The prices will be agreed individually for each picture!
The lowest price is for Gouache on paper (around 50/35 cm) is 500$.

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