Art - Museumes in Israel
This is the biggest and the fullest source of information about Israels museums and about exhibitions.

Art - Museumes in Israel2

Art History
Art History resources on the web.

Israel - The Kotel in Jerusalem
The camera is focucsing on the Kotel (the Wall) in Jerusalem, and the picture changes each minute! Judaism subjects are discusses here too.

Israel - Jerusalem in second Temple period
You will find here a film about Jerusalem, in second Temple period. All of this is exhibit in Israel Museum, Jerusalem.

Israel - Jerusalem in second Temple period2

Israel - Park Mini-Israel
The Park displays hundreds of models that are exact copies of buildings and landscapes from around Israel.

Israel - National parks
Israel Nature and National Parks Protection Authority's on-line information center.

Nasa Maps
You can find here a globe, world and regions maps that photographed from satelites.

Animals - Safari in Israel (Ramat-Gan)
The Safari is the largest (occupy 250 acres) animal collection in the Middle East (1,600 animals of different species) and is unique in the world, because of the large herds of mixed species of African animals that roam the spacious African Park. The zoo contains a variety of animals from around the world.

Animals - The Bible zoo in Israel (Jerusalem)
In the Bible zoo you can find large zoological collection of animals mentioned in the Bible and endangered species from around the world.

Fish - Underwater Observatory Marine Park in Israel (Eilat)
The first Underwater Observatory Marine Park of its kind in the world! The Goal: to open a window onto the Red Sea, bringing visitors closer to the enchanted underwater world!

Animals - WWF
World Wildlife Fund (WWF) leads international efforts to protect endangered species and their habitats.

Botanical Gardens in Israel - Jerusalem
Its location in the area of National City, next to the Knesset and along the "avenue of museums", reflects the values it endeavors to impart to the culture of plants and to the Israeli culture.

Botanic Gardens in Israel - Tel-Aviv
Tel Aviv University's Botanic Gardens are a center of natural beauty, learning and research that serves not only the university, but the community at large.

Botanic Gardens in Israel - Kibbutz Ein-Gedi
Kibbutz Ein Gedi is located in the Ein Gedi Oasis, in the central Dead Sea region, at the lowest place in the world. A botanical garden was developed there over the years. Conditions: plenty of water, and a hot climate. The work of members of Ein Gedi enabled rare unique plants that were brought from afar to flourish, and turn Kibbutz Ein Gedi into a special botanical garden. The ONLY 3 Baobabs trees that are growing in Israel located here!!!

Eden project Gardens
Eden gardens is the living theatre of plants and people. You can find there over 100,000 plants representing 5,000 species from many of the climatic zones of the world. Many of these can grow in the mild conditions of Cornwall, others demand greenhouses and that is where Eden's two gigantic conservatories come in. The Humid Tropics Biome - the world's largest greenhouse - is home to the plants of the rainforest.

National Geografic
The Web Site of the National Geographic Society
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